Gestures of Research & Gestures of Collaboration

Workshop Format

What is the practice of research? 

Galeazzi understands research as a gesture – a gesture of searching. This differs from a gesture of producing, as much as of a gesture of simply perceiving. The gesture of research is a sign to the world of close looking, close reading, and of an aim to deeply understand this world. This gesture is aesthetic, performative, hypothetical and practical at the same time. 

To entangle the hypothetical, theoretical and the practical is intrinsic the discipline of artistic research. For Galeazzi, this rises new questions of collaboration not only between people, but also disciplines, ideas and objects. This also asks for a redistribution of responsibilities, ownership and values amongst the stakeholders of art.

The redistribution and shuffling of gestures of re-practicing, re-searching, re-questioning etc. weaves various perspectives into each other. Galeazzi hopes that this practice provides a critical meshwork to the contemporary canon on knowledge production. 

Employing “gestures,“ as opposed to the term “concepts“ This enables a behavioral perspective on artistic research.

The paradoxical conceptual side of this practice he investigated during his MA dissertation in Contemporary Art Practices and Dissemination at Dartington College of Art titled “The Art of Misunderstanding –Gestures of Artistic Research.”

A more recent reflection on this issue is published in The Annex – Publishing Artistic Research, a.pass 2020. An excerpt of this text appears as a q&a score below.