Workers’ Club


 Residency, Installation & Performance
Nadine, Brussels, 2010
BUDA, Kortrijk, 2016
Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 2017
with Einat Tuchman and Heike Langsdorf


Labour, and where it goes wrong

 In 2010, Galeazzi reenacted Rodchenko’s design of a “Worker’s Club” (1925) for a Residency at Nadine in Brussels. This was the start of continuing research regarding the possibility of providing artistic space for companies, who want to reconfigure their relation to labour, productivity and human relations.

Together with Einat Tuchman and Heike Landsdorf, Galeazzi created with the project “InCompany” performance spaces as a unique team enhancement platform, guided by artists for companies desiring to invest in sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible working systems. 

This performance space was provided in theaters for a regular audience as much as for companies and cultural houses. 

This experience was the base to continue investigating such business coaching practices at “The Performance Coach – Leadership training.”