Unlearning Centre

Residency & Conference
blueFACTORY, Fribourg, CH, 2019-now
with Martin Schick

Learn or else!

Nicolas Y Galeazzi and Martin Schick, cultural manager of blueFACTORY in Fribourg (CH), invited a group of artists into the “grey zones” of knowledge and their production. 

In the age of climate catastrophe, learning cannot claim to aim for an improvement. In contrast, learning today means constant adaptation to changing realities. Students are not entering a safe terrain of knowledge, but a precarious grey area.

What does that mean for schools? How can tough what we don’t know? How to unlearn reality and learn about the fact of fake facts? What does learning mean within a knowledge-society that runs full steam towards a climate catastrophe?

GRAUZONE gives space to explore a precarious and paradoxical state of knowledge: on the one hand, the amount of knowledge available for consumption increases exponentially through digitalization. On the other hand, concrete knowledge erodes into a pile of contradictory discourse, politicized fake news and scientific or technological disproval of disproves.

What does learning mean in this open terrain? Which platforms, which frameworks, which schools or institutions are needed? Which focus points and open positions must be taken?